Non-Surgical options For Varicose Vein treatment

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Surgery is a scary thought for most people and something to be avoided if at all possible. This is why vein doctors in modern day varicose vein treatment centers offer up some very good news to their patients every day. In almost all forms of modern varicose vein treatment, the treatment performed involves minimally invasive NON-surgical procedures that are performed on an outpatient basis. The average time for these procedures is a half hour to an hour, and in most cases, the patient returns to their normal routine by the next day. recovery time and pain during recovery are both very minimal compared to the older surgeries that were performed to remove varicose veins.

Non-surgical options for varicose vein treatment include ultrasound guided sclerotherapy and foamed sclerotherapy, various forms of ultrasound guided laser treatment (EVLT and ELT), ultrasound guided radiofrequency, ambulatory phlebectomy, and the newer Clarivein treatments. None of these forms of modern varicose vein treatment require major surgical cuts, like they did in the old days of saphenous vein stripping. None require hospitalization and none require full anesthesia where you have to “go under” in order to endure the extensive tissue damage that occurs during surgery.

Most of these non-surgical procedures (with the exception of ambulatory phlebectomy) have one thing in common. The goal is to “ablate” the varicose vein causing the problem. If you look up “ablate” in the dictionary, you’ll find the meaning is “to remove or dissipate by melting, vaporization, erosion, etc.” In other words, the vein is NOT surgically removed but rather left in place and destroyed from within. once the varicose vein is destroyed from within, it is still not surgically removed but rather left in place for the body to reabsorb the damaged vein tissue, in much the same way as the body would reabsorb any other damaged tissue after a minor injury.

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In the case of sclerotherapy, a chemical is injected into the varicose vein to destroy it from within. The chemical agitates the vein wall and causes it to collapse in on itself. In the case of laser based varicose vein treatment, like EVLT, laser energy is used to destroy the vein from within, rather than chemicals. The laser energy is applied on the end of a very thin catheter that is inserted into the vein. In radiofrequency varicose vein treatment, radio waves are used to destroy the vein from within. The new Clarivein treatment actually combines sclerotherapy chemical injection with a mechanical abrasion technique to destroy the vein from within.

Ambulatory phlebectomy is the exception to the other forms of modern varicose vein treatment listed above. It is usually used when the vein is simply too large to leave in for the body to reabsorb it. It’s also used with larger varicose veins that are bulging out from the surface skin so they don’t require deep surgical cuts to remove them. In this procedure, a series of very small and very shallow incisions are made in the skin just above the bulging vein. then a small hooked tool is used to tease out the varicose vein, tiny piece by tiny piece.

Although ambulatory phlebectomy is sometimes confused for vein stripping because a portion of a vein is actually removed, there are no major surgical cuts or tissue damage during this type of varicose vein treatment. In other words, it is still considered a non-surgical, minimally invasive procedure. It’s also often performed in conjunction with sclerotherapy or laser treatment where one portion of the varicose vein right near the surface of the skin needs to be removed while the other portions can be more simply ablated.

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For an analysis of whether or not you need varicose vein treatment, and the type of treatment(s) that would work best on your specific veins, you can schedule a free evaluation at Metro Vein Centers. This is one of the top varicose vein treatment clinics in the united states with multiple locations. give them a call to set up the evaluation at a time that is convenient to your schedule.

There are many advantages to receiving your varicose vein treatment at Metro Vein Centers, including the fact that this vein clinic doesn’t just specialize in one type of non-surgicAl-spelsader behandeling, zoals andere klinieken, maar daadwerkelijk allemaal uitvoert. Op deze manier weet u zeker dat hun aanbevelingen over het type varicose-aderbehandeling dat u nodig heeft, gebaseerd is op het beste voor uw medische toestand en niet op hun specifieke voorkeur voor het type procedure om in het algemeen te presteren.

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