New Reaserch points to possible Human to Pet Transmission of Flu virus

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Can you truly pass on the flu virus to your pet dog or cat?  According to a veterinarian expert there have been a handful of these cases.

People are not conscious of the concept, called “reverse zoonosis.”  Scientists as well as vet experts are trying to raise understanding as well as stop additionally flu transmissions to pets.  around 80-100 million households in the us have a pet dog or a cat.

“We concern a great deal about zoonoses, the transmission of illness from animals to people,” stated Christiane Loehr, an partner professor in the OSU college of Veterinary Medicine. “But a lot of people don’t recognize that humans can likewise pass illness to animals, as well as this increases concerns as well as worries about mutations, new viral develops as well as evolving illness that may potentially be zoonotic. And, of course, there is worry about the health and wellness of the animals.”

The researchers suggest that if you have flu like symptoms you must distance yourself from your feline or pet dog to stop the spread of the virus to your pet.  Pet people are making videos like  to assist inform people that want to stop this in their liked ones. If your pet has a respiratory illness or other health problem complying with exposure to a human with flu like symptoms you must take your pet the his veterinarian for testing as well as treatment ideal away.

In 2009, the very first probable situation of fatal human-to-cat transmission of H1N1 occurred in Oregon.  The cat’s owner ended up being seriously sick with the flu as well as was hospitalized.  While she was in the healthcare facility her indoor feline without any exposure to other ill people died of pneumonia by an H1N1 infection.

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Since then 13 cats as well as one pet dog have been determined with pandemic H1N1 infection in 2011 as well as 2012 that appeared to have come from humans.  Ferrets can likewise ended up being infected as well as die as a result. Flu symptoms in family pets are similar to the symptoms in humans.  very first they experience from serious respiratory disease, stop eating as well as some die.

“It’s affordable to presume there are lots of a lot more situations of this than we understand about, as well as we want to discover more,” Loehr said. “Any time you have infection of a virus into a new species, it’s a concern, a black box of uncertainty. We don’t understand for sure what the implications may be, however we do believe this should have a lot more attention.”

In South Korea experiments were done including cats as well as dogs as well as the H3N2 influenza virus.  The results showed that the flu virus can spread from animal to animal although it is unknown if a feline or pet dog can spread the virus to a human.

The greatest worry relating to “reverse zoonosis,” is that when a virus evolves in a lot more standard holds like birds as well as pigs, is that the virus may mutate into a a lot more harmful type or one that is a lot more quickly transmissible een.

“All viruses can mutate, however the influenza virus increases special worry since it can modification whole segments of its viral sequence relatively easily,” Loehr said. “In terms of holds as well as mutations, who’s to state that the feline couldn’t be the new pig? We’d just like to understand a lot more about this.”

If you concern that your equine is bring some disease, you may want to get that muzzle from that a store that offers western tack.

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For a lot more info on this get in touch with Dr. Christiane Loehr at Oregon specify or   Dr. Jessie Trujillo at Iowa specify University.  

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