THE best STROLLER FOR big KIDS! [10 AMAZING] options mothers will LOVE!

There is a huge range of strollers on the current market that starts with newborn carriers and converts all the way to carrying multiple children at once. It can be challenging to shop for a stroller that is suitable for a big kid. While you might not need a stroller all the time for big kids, it is great when you might have a long day walking whether it be at a theme park, sightseeing, or just a long leisurely walk. So, let’s take a look at the best strollers for big kids this year.

Choosing a Stroller for big Kids- top 10 choices for 2021

Strollers that can accommodate children ages 4 and up are typically sturdy. It is also common for them to be used in places where children need to walk; like the zoo, a theme park, or while out for the day. These top 10 big kid strollers will deliver the comfort, stability, and accessibility families with big kids need. From daily errands and events to extended time away from home, they will get the job done.

What is a big kid stroller?

Mainly, a big kid stroller is a stroller that has a higher weight capacity, which often can include a larger seat and the required leg support to keep a child comfortable. numerous of the strollers on the current market target the newborn to 2 or 3-year-old range with attachments for a child of walking age to ride on a standing board.

However, there are numerous children beyond 3 that may still find a stroller useful. This type of stroller typically has a higher weight capacity, 50 pounds or more, which can typically carry the average 4-year-old.

Types of big kid Strollers

Like with any other stroller, big kid strollers come in a variety of designs and types all of which suit different needs. some of the most common stroller types are included in this top 10 list.

Umbrella: these strollers are lightweight and fold rapidly like an umbrella. They are simple, minimal, and don’t offer much additional storage.
Full stroller: these strollers are the classic stroller design complete with a sunshade and under-seat storage.
Jogging: these strollers often have a larger front wheel and are implied to be pushed while running. They can also be helpful beyond exercise as they can be much more resilient and larger than a conventional stroller.

Big kid Stroller Must-Haves

Many strollers deliver similar functions but when shopping for a stroller specifically for bigger kids consider the following:

Weight capacity: you’ll want to make sure your stroller can accommodate your child’s weight. This will guarantee the safest ride and also that the stroller will meet your needs.
Functional: you’ll want a stroller that collapses easily, has the suitable storage and accessories as well as seat space and legroom for your child.
Accessible: big kids are often on the relocation so you’ll want a stroller that keeps your child safe but is also easy to get your child in and out of so they can explore and ride.

Top 10 best Strollers for big Kids

1.Baby Jogger City small 2 Stroller – best overall Stroller for big Kids

The City small 2 Stroller is certainly one of the best, if not the best stroller for big kids. If you head to Disney world you will see practically every rental company uses these strollers. Waarom? They are very sturdy, we can easily push around our 12-year-old daughter when she plopped in the stroller, as well as my very durable 70 lb nephew.

In addition, the stroller has great room underneath the seat to store jackets, purses, snacks or whatever you might need. Lastly, with a quick pull from the center strap, the stroller folds good and flat.

Weight Limit: 65 lbs

Stroller Weight: 17.5 lbs

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2: Joovy new Groove Ultralight – best Ultralight Stroller

Strollers are great for long days where your child may happily walk but will also want to take a break and ride or nap. This ultralight stroller practically fully reclines which makes it a great option for travel and busy days. The sunshade is a UPF 50 which protects your child from the sun and includes a window to check on your child below. This stroller has a compact standing fold, making it easy to set up as well as break down and store in the vehicle. There’s bottom storage, two cup holders, and zippered storage to meet all your needs.

Price: $189.99

Weight Limit: 55 lbs

Stroller Weight: 14 lbs

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3: summer 3Dlite+- best Umbrella Stroller for big Kids

This umbrella style stroller has everything a conventional stroller offers, from a large sun canopy with a peek-a-boo window to large under-seat storage, parent storage pockets for cell phones, keys, and drinks, as well as a durable 5 point harness that can adjust as needed. The front child’s seat also easily folds down with one hand, making it easy to rapidly adjust for your child throughout the day.

This lightweight stroller easily folds umbrella style for a self-contained stroller that stores nicely. Dit isa great option for those searching for the benefit and lightweight features of a easy umbrella stroller as well as much more accessories and the luxury of a full stroller.

Price: $129.99

Weight Limit: 110 lbs

Zoekergewicht: 14 pond

Available on Amazon!

4. baby Jogger City small double Stroller – best double Stroller

Once again baby Jogger Makes our list for best Strollers for big Kids. just like it’s single version noted above, this stroller is extremely durable. We plopped our 6-year-old daughter and 7-year-old nephew in this stroller for 7 days at Disney World. It was extremely easy to push. The seats lie down for when the kiddos were exhausted and wanted to rest.

In addition, this stroller also folds flat with a single pull from the center strap to make it easy to throw in the back of a car or even carry onto one of Disney buses.

100 lb Seat Weight Capacity, (We tested 
Double Stroller weighs 28.6 lb
Maximum Head height 23″

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5: gb Pockit Stroller

Needing a stroller for a big kid doesn’t imply you’ll end up with a big stroller. The gb Pockit stroller is part of a line of strollers that can work from 6 months to 55 pounds, all with slim profiles, smart designs, and lightweight frames. The Pockit Stroller is a popular model because of its dual fold design. This keeps it light and easy to store.

It’s provided in a range of colors and is ideal for daily use as well as travel. The umbrella layout makes this stroller utilitarian and functional with room for storage below and a grow with me safety harness.

Price: $179.95

Gewichtslimiet: 55 lbs

Stroller Weight: 9.5 lbs

Available on Amazon!

6: baby trend Rocket

When parents think of an umbrella stroller they think simple, easy to use, straightforward and the baby trend Rocket delivers all of that in much more with a easy yet trendy and functional stroller. This umbrella folding stroller has a solid black body and fabric for a sleek and easy look.

The overhead canopy is easy and easy to use, with under-seat basket storage and a 5 point safety harness. The top features a parent organizer with two cup holders, ideal for drinks, snacks, and toys. This is a solid option for parents who want a reliable stroller for daily use as well as for travel that stores easily and is easy to use.

Price: $49.96

Weight Limit: 14 lbs

Stroller Weight: 50 lbs

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7: baby trend Expedition Jogger Stroller

Jogging strollers are often a good option for families with a big kid. This is because they are a bit much more durable, rugged, and can deal with much more weight. This jogger stroller by baby trend provides all the basics of a jogging stroller from the larger front wheel and sloped seat. It also has an upper tray for holding keys, water, and snacks.

Also, there is a larger deal with that makes it easy to steer this stroller while running or doing errands and the lower basket is ideal for your essentials from a day bag to toys and a blanket. The five-point harness, upper canopy, and 50-pound weight capacity make this a smooth ride for any big kid.

Price: $109.99

Gewichtslimiet: 55 lbs

Stroller Weight: 29 lbs

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8: BOB gear revolution flex 3.0 jogging Stroller

For an even much more resilient jogging stroller, try this one by BOB Gear. The stroller itself can carry upwards of 75 pounds and can be used from birth with a coordinating car seat and car seat adapter. The mountain bike tires offer a smooth ride with some grip for all-terrain use.

The handlebar can be adjusted into 9 positions! Also, the 5 point harness paired with an practically lie-flat seat makes this a great all-in-one style stroller. families can use this with a child from newborn to school age and have everything they need from comfort to storage.

Price: $499.99

Weight Limit: 75 lbs

Stroller Weight: 28.5 lbs

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9: Cynebaby baby Jogger- best jogging Stroller for big Kids

Lastly, this jogging stroller folds easily to offer an easy stroller to use for big kids. The stroller portion looks a lot like a conventional stroller on a jogging frame. There’s a large canopy with sun protection and an adjustable footrest to keep baby comfortable.

The handlebar can be adjusted to keep the parents comfortable while running or walking and the large bottom basket keeps everything within reach. The aluminum frame keeps the unit lightweight, making this a great option for those searching for a big kid stroller.

Price: $130

Gewichtslimiet: 55 lbs

Stroller Weight: 29.5 lbs

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10. Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight jogging Stroller

This is one of the best light weight jogger strollers. It has a seat recline, parent organizer and is car seat adaptable. It has a trunk friendly fold and is compact fold with car lock. It is ideal for traveling, staying active and working out.

Price: $269.99

Weight limit: 75 lbs

Stroller weight: 26 lbs.

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There are plenty of big kid strollers on the market. FRom een volledige kinderwagen naar een overkoepelende kinderwagen voor snel gebruik onderweg, grote kinderen kunnen nog steeds een comfortabele rit krijgen. Terwijl hun ouders nog steeds veel opslag zullen hebben. Bovendien zijn er geweldige opties voor een groei van mij voor één kind van geboorte tot schoolleeftijd, of groeiende gezinnen die twee kinderen tegelijk moeten vervoeren.

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